5 secrets to saving out of your monthly NYSC alawee

The 19,800 naira NYSC alawee is not enough to sustain corpers for a whole month, especially when it is all they have to survive. It is even more challenging for some corpers whose Primary Place of Assignments (PPAs) don’t pay them monthly stipends.

Irrespective, should that debar you from saving? No! See how you can save out of your alawee and still have fun below:

1. Set a budget: You need to know how much you are going to spend every day and budget accordingly to avoid overspending. If you spend money without the discipline of a budget, you’d end up going overboard with your alawee.

2. Set a scale of preference: You should differentiate between a need and a want. If you really want to make the most of your alawee, you would need to set a scale of preference to guide your decision making and budgeting.

3. Keep the savings aside: You should have 2 separate accounts, one for your expenses and the other for your savings. Having challenges saving? You can try out the Flexx Account, which allows you to save and have fun! Open a Flexx Account in just 4 minutes!

Save money

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4. Try Cooking: If you buy foodstuff and cook them by yourself, you will end up spending less than going to buy expensive cooked food at restaurants.

5. Tone down on the partying: As much as NYSC affords you a lot of liberty, try not to wild out at your expense.

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Party on a budget


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