Sickle Cell Disease

3 things you should know about the Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease is an inherited form of Anaemia where red blood cells become abnormally long and pointed, similar to the shape of a banana. Although the disease is not very rare, there are common misconceptions about the disease. Here are 5 facts about the sickle cell disease you should know;

1. It is hereditary
Fact remains that you either have the sickle cell disease or you don’t. It cannot be contracted like the flu. A child only inherits Sickle Cell when he or she receives Sickle Cell genes. One from each parent.

Sickle cell

2. It is not a death sentence
A person with Sickle Cell disease can live a good quality of life if he or she practices a healthy lifestyle such as receiving frequent medical checkups, eating healthy, etc.

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3. Anaemia is the most common symptom
Red blood cells live for about 120 days before they need to be replaced. But Sickle Cells usually die in 10 to 20 days, causing a shortage of red blood cells (anemia) and without enough red blood cells, your body can get the oxygen it needs to feel energized, causing fatigue.

Can the Sickle cell disease be cured?
Bone marrow transplant, also known as stem cell transplant, offers the only potential cure for
Sickle Cell Anaemia. It is reserved for people younger than 16 years because the risks it poses to older people.


Disclaimer: This article is purely informational and does not replace the need for proper medical attention from a qualified doctor.

Source: MayoClinic and MedicineNet

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