Did you know you could do these cool things with your smartphone?

A smartphone is one of the best things technology has afforded us, we can connect instantly with anyone in any part of the world and carry out some really amazing tasks with it.

Thanks to new innovations and the invention of apps, you can now carry out these really cool tasks with your smartphone!

  • Change TV channels or AC levels:

    Via AndroidCentral

    Yes, you can change TV channels and even AC unit levels with phone apps such as Smart TV, Universal AC and TV remote apps etc.

  • Monitor your health: Apps like ‘InstantHeartRate’ can tell you your heart rate, all you need to do is place your fingertip over your phone’s camera lens for 10 seconds. Apple watches and latest Samsung devices also offer extensive health care services. How cool is that?
  • Watch phone content on your TV:

    Via Youtube

    Most smart phones come with a cast feature that enables you watch or see whatever is showing on your phone screen on your laptop. Simply your phone and TV to the same wifi network and look for cast in your phone settings, you’ll pair both devices and voila! You can do anything with your phone and be seeing it all on your TV. Awesome right?

  • Open a Flexx account: Oh, yes! Opening a bank account has never been smoother, with the Flexx app, you only need a dope selfie, a scanned ID and your passport to gain access to the coolest bank account. Click here right now on your phone to get started.
  • Scan and sign documents with ease:

    Via CNET

    We all know the stress of running around looking for scanners (which are very hard to find these days and also expensive to use). Just search for scanner  apps on your app store and scan your documents and even sign them on the go!


What other awesome things can you do with your smart phone Flexxer? Share with us and other Flexxers like you right away and we will add it to the list.


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