Flexxers tell us what they’ll be doing this holiday.

The Christmas and New Year holiday is one of the most anticipated holidays in the world and it is so because it’s filled with so many heartwarming moments and experiences.

We had a chat with some Flexxers to know their plans for the holidays and how they intend to spend it.

  • Temi 18

“I’ll be planning my family Christmas party and having fun with family members that I haven’t seen in a while”

  • Raymond 23 

 “Well i havent really made plans for Christmas, but i think i’m going home to spend it with my parents and I’m not that social, spending it with my family seems like a no brainer”


  • Rita 24 

“I’ll be binge watching Being Mary Jane and Insecure. Attend a concert (might), sleep, read (my books are gathering dust), hangout with a couple of friends. Spend time with the family”

  • Michael 22 

” I’m writing a web series and a feature length film. Hosting a film night. Releasing a film. MC’ing a 50th birthday. Making two short films. Err, and family time.”

Damola 17 

“I plan to have fun with the family and my friends and then read for my test, we have a test on the 3rd of January in school.”

So, what are you doing this holiday? Share with us in the comments section and we will update this post with it!

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