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Here’s How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

For a lot of employees, working from home is a relatively new experience. While the whole idea of doing your work from the comfort of home is pretty cool, we have to admit that this transition is pretty dicey because it comes with both freedom and an added sense of responsibility.

Need some help on how to stay productive as you work from home? Here are some tips:

Have A To-Do List

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If you’re going to remain productive and efficient while you work from home, you’ll need a to-do list to keep you organized. Outline your tasks for the day and prioritize them accordingly. This list will keep you in check. Also, the satisfaction you get from ticking off finished tasks at the end of the day is unmatched.

Designate A Workspace

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It’s tempting to lounge on the couch or even your bed, but the truth is, you’ll most likely be less productive, due to your relaxed disposition. Find a place in your home that you can easily convert to your designated work area. Make sure it’s comfortable and free from distractions.


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Communication is super important, especially in a peculiar scenario such as this. You can ask for clarifications, give updates and share ideas with your colleagues. There are several platforms and services such as oom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Skype and more that will help to ensure seamless communication, so that you’re always in the loop.

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Maximize Your Productive Hours

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If you find that you work better at the crack of dawn when everyone is asleep and quiet, you can decide to use those periods to focus on the more stringent and more demanding tasks on your schedule while you use later hours for the rest of your work. What’s important is that you choose your working hours and optimize them for productivity.

Take Things Easy


If you’re new to the ‘work from home’ experience, you might struggle to adjust, and that’s completely understandable. Transitions aren’t always easy to adapt to, but in time, you’ll get the hang of it.

Take Breaks

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Don’t spend your whole day hunched over your computer screen. It’s alright to get up, stretch, take a walk, check your social media feed and of course, get some food to eat. Taking out time to de-stress helps to boost your productivity.

Institute Clear Boundaries


Unless you live alone, you might have to deal with family members and housemates cramping up your space and getting in your way. To ensure they don’t distract you or hinder your productivity, ensure you establish clear boundaries. Let them know when you’ll be busy and give them a polite ‘do-not-disturb’ notice. If you don’t do so, you might end up cutting yam at 11 am while work piles up on your desk. ?‍♂️

Set Up A Good Internet Connection

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The Internet is your best friend during this period. It helps you stay connected, so you can get work done effectively, so it’s important to amp up your Internet. During this period, you might have to upgrade your subscription or opt for better options (if you have an alternative at your disposal, of course)

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Have A Regular Morning Routine

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You’ll be surprised at how a simple activity, such as taking a cold shower early in the morning, could quickly improve your productivity and make you feel better. Take a bath, dress up (comfy, of course) and don’t forget to grab some breakfast. You can also include exercise, mindfulness and journaling.

For more info, visit https://grow.google/remotework/.

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