How to make a career choice

Choosing a career path is one decision youths like to postpone till the last minute because they honestly don’t know how to make that choice. We all agree that doing what you love is the go to advice from most people but how about doing what you’re good at, what will make you rich and so on.

We know how confused you must be by now, let these steps be your guide in choosing a career that’s best for you.

  1. Discover yourself

This is simple; sit down, stand up or take a walk and think about your strengths (list all the things you’re very good at), what your values are (Integrity? Are you honest? etc.), what’s your personality type, and what are your skills (this can be your educational skills or personally developed ones, this goes hand in hand with your strengths). Write all these down to understand who you really are.

  1. Highlight all your job options and learn about each one

List all the job positions you can do based on the discovery you’ve made about yourself in the first point.  Write down a list of all the job roles you can do whether it is related to your course of study or not, then research on each job position and their responsibilities; this will help you gain perspective and cut down the list.

  1. Create a short list

This is the shorter version of the list above, after you’ve checked out the duties of the job roles you know you will love doing. Research extensively into the fields, companies (that you’d like to work with), what you will need (If you want to be an entrepreneur), payment structure etc. If you can, get all these information from people who work in these industries.


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  1. Making your choice

Now that you have a good idea of what each career roles entails, pick the one you know that…

  • You can perform excellent at (you can learn how to be good at it too)
  • You will be happy and satisfied doing.
  • You can leave at any point in time without having invested too much in if you have a change of mind. (Have like three or two job roles you can comfortably fit in)

PS.  You can have any career of your choice irrespective of your course of study and level of experience if you put your mind to it. Go forth and succeed Flexxer!

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