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Four Young Employees Share Their School-Work Transition Experiences

In this article, we highlighted some of the struggles that come with switching from the four walls of the university to the highly-demanding workforce.

To further get a grasp of the transition from ‘student’ to ’employee’, we got some young Nigerians to share their experiences in the workforce and how they are adjusting to this significant change in their lives.

Naomi- Digital Marketing Executive

‘Honestly, my transition was smooth because I got a job during my NYSC then was retained, but I still struggle even to find my footing sometimes. I’ve also questioned if I’m meant to be doing what I am doing. Honestly, my life has changed because I’ve had to be strong and take what life throws.’

Abiodun- Account Strategist

‘It is not easy- waking up so early, queueing for one or two hours is a must, because It takes time to get to work. You have to have the ability to contribute to something meaningful at work. It also gives you the freedom to be financially independent, being able to spend your money at will. You also get connections and the opportunity to know people.’

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Ebunoluwa- Medical Laboratory Scientist.

‘The transition from being a student to being an employee hasn’t been smooth, but it’s a phase that’s necessary for everyone. It has taught me to be accountable for every amount I spend and manage my resources, so I have to find a balance because there are no monthly allowances from my parents anymore. I’d advise students to learn the culture of savings and financial discipline because it helps you to have a good structure even after graduation.’

Timileyin- Special Assistant on Photography to The Deputy Governor of Oyo State

‘The transition has been amazing so far. Following my graduation from the university, I had a 4-5 month interval before my service year during which I learnt a vocation- photography. After my service year, I decided to focus on photography as a profession, and it has been amazing.

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Life after school has allowed me to be independent and enjoy autonomy to decide what happens in my life because there’s no one to tell me what to do anymore, even though I still live with my parents. I have also learnt the importance of being determined to work and do more, as my parents have always advised me.’

NB: To ensure clarity, responses have been modified.

What is your school-employee transition experience? Share with us in the comment section.

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