Money or Passion

Money or Passion?

Money or Passion?
By Chukwunyere Favour 

Oshodi ! Oshodi !! Ojuelegba ! Ikorodu !! Two chances left !!!

I could hear faint voices, but I was trying so hard to place the direction it was coming from.

I looked out through the window, carefully adjusting the window blinds to have a clearer view of what was happening outside my office building.

One thing stood out for me. From afar, I could picture the excitement written all over people’s faces as they strolled out of their office buildings and happily jumped into the various Danfo going to their locations.

The road got busy. I smell traffic soonest. Here’s Lagos, and so it felt normal to spend 2–3 hours on the road before getting home from work.

But then, I can still clearly picture the scenarios on Monday evenings when people got into those Danfos with squeezed faces, sluggish feet, lousy attitudes, and a long face that spelt “TIRED”.

So, what changed?

I probably would have made it downstairs to ask them a few questions.

You know? Getting to hear from the horses’ mouth but since I couldn’t. I guess we will have to follow my instincts. (Trust me, it’s right almost every time).

This enthusiastic feeling should be a result of having to get away from work for two (2) days before we show up again on Mondays with our Ties and workloads wanting to sniff life out of us.

All thanks to the WEEKEND!!!

More so, a good number of persons are just happy that they won’t be appearing in that office for some hours. They needed to catch some break. They hate showing up at the office but they just need to show up in order to get away with the bills staring in their faces back at home.

I could remember my own story back then; I was caught between rendering a resignation letter or going back to the village cos I’ve looked out for better opportunities but it wasn’t forthcoming. Yet, I needed to move away from my job so quickly.

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Every new day, it seemed as if the job was taking a horse leap coming after my life.

It all started when I had written JAMB three times and couldn’t get admission to study Law. I had to go with the Public Administration given to me. Wasn’t a smooth sail through school but I finished my studies, got a degree, started job-hunting, and landed a pretty good job in Abuja.

For every day I did show up at the office, I lost an inner part of me. I was always moody, last to leave the office building cos I always had a big pile of work to do after everyone had left.

Honestly, my task wasn’t the biggest. But I was very sluggish at it. I caught myself making unnecessary mistakes on several occasions, I went over a little task repeatedly. Believe me, my pay was good. Better than what I earn now but the passion wasn’t there. There was no job satisfaction.

I felt I could do anything as long as it pays my bills comfortably but then, a first-hand experience taught me I wouldn’t always be right.

Dear ‘9–5 errs’, are you actually doing it for MONEY or for PASSION?

I’m waiting for your responses.

TGIF!!! (Thank God It’s Friday)

P.S: This is fiction.

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