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If You Went To Boarding School You Can Relate With These Events

If You Went To Boarding School You Can Relate With These Events (MTN 7377 4693 9251 01294)

Hey, Flexxer, can we do a throwback to our boarding school days? Will you agree that primary and secondary school boarding schools are different experiences from university hostel life?

Check out these 10 events and see if you can relate!

Bullied by a senior

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Nairaland Forum. Juniors passing water with their palm.

It’s like they inherit bullying the moment they become seniors. Have you ever been told to fill a bucket with water with just a spoon? Or told to buy something of N50, but you were given only N10?

Jumped fence

Oh, the rush. You are now a black sheep. The audacity to jump the fence and see the outer world. Pure excitement and fright at the same time.

Heard about Miss Koi Koi

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You cannot have gone through a boarding school in Nigeria and not have heard of the lady that walks about the hostel in her Koi Koi shoe. You might have even argued that you heard it one time.

Your milk disappeared

Milo can last the whole term. But somehow, milk never does. Because there will always be roommates who will beg you for it until there’s nothing left.

Hid in the wardrobe after missing assembly

They rang the bell, but you wouldn’t get up. You plan to sneak into class later, but unfortunately for you, the inspectors start checking the rooms and you run into the wardrobe. God help you if you get caught.

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Played devil’s basket

This is one of the worst games we could play then. It would make you feel like you were all grown up playing a secretive game. If you were lucky, you get to give your crush a peck on the cheek.

Rat ate your provisions

Even though you locked them up in your cupboard, somehow, rats managed to find your cornflakes pack. Sometimes, the rats have two hands and two legs and sleep in the same room with you. You know them but you won’t dare accuse them without proof.

Someone stole your underwear

Times of India

If you attended a boarding school and undies or clothes were never stolen off the line outside, it means it was either too big for anyone, they were really ugly or you used juju.

You took your bath by 5 am with cold water

With teeth chattering noisily, you try to hurriedly bathe before the bathroom gets too crowded with naked bodies everywhere.

School mother/father

Na by force o. How can you go through boarding school without some senior shoving school mother or father down your throat? Or you dote on a senior to prevent bullying from others.

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