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How To Become A Legit Hype man And Not Noisemaker AIRTEL: 5716355388107572

Are you wondering if Hype man is a real job? Oh, yes. And there is a reason why some are making more money than others. It’s not just about how expensive the club is or the calibre of customers at the joint.

The ability to hype people and make them spend some money requires strategy skills and not just noisemaking. In fact, if care isn’t taken, the club owner might throw you out for causing a nuisance.

Whether you are the DJ, MC, individual hypeman or woman, you require certain hyping skills to grab attention. That’s right. You can have talent, but if you want to become a professional, you must hone that talent.

How to become a hypeman:

1. Energy

The hypeman cannot be dull, sick or having a bad day. You are the life of the party, so you need to come prepared with a lot of energy and vibe.

2. Be comic

If you are too serious, the job is not for you. You have to know how to tell jokes without offending people.

3. Loud it

Just like the conductor on the street, you are not allowed to become an ‘Ajebutter’. Even when your voice is cracked, it must be strong and be heard.

4. Dance

Knowing how to dance is a good advantage, but even when you don’t how to, wiggling in a comic way will still get the attention of your audience.

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5. Work the party

You need to familiarize yourself quickly with the people present at the event. If you need a particular person to drop cash, you will have to call them by their name or hail them about something special.

6. Know the lyrics

If not all, you must at least know most of the lyrics to the song played by the DJ or played by you, in case you are the DJ too. This will allow you to sing along.

7. Form Your Ad-libs

As the hypeman or woman, you need to interject words even while songs are playing. Ad-libs will make the song more enjoyable.

8. No badgering

While you are trying to cajole people to dance, to play a game, part with their money or commit to something, do not force them. You need to be persuasive.

Have you ever been a hypeman and how was the experience?

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