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Different Types of Students During A School Group Project

Different Types of Students During A School Group Project (MTN 6953 5040 9538 68582)

You’re in a class with your coursemates. The lecturer walks in, greets everyone, and announces that the class will be split into groups for a project. Some people grumble. Some people roll their eyes. Some people start praying they end up in the same group with their friends or the smartest person in the class. The lecturer divides the class into groups and assigns the projects.

During the project, you learn skills such as time management, communication and more. You also meet and learn more about different types of students:

The Self-Appointed Leader

This person automatically takes up the leadership position, even if another person was appointed as the leader. They start bossing everyone around, dishing out orders and acting like they’re the President.

The Loner

People like this hate working in groups. They’ll keep to themselves and won’t join in group meetings. Sorry oh.

The Ghost

People like this are never present during meetings and review sessions. They’ll ghost everyone and suddenly show up on the day of the presentation, expecting to take part of the credit for the work and make the same grade as everyone else, even though they did nothing.

The Attention Hog

This person never lets others shine. They want all the attention to themselves and love to take all the credit for the group work. They’ll interrupt others during presentations and act like they’re better than everyone else. Na wa oh.

The Motivator

These ones offer moral support and nothing else. They’ll cheer the group on and even buy everyone ‘chow’ to motivate them because they know that they will not be making any contribution to the project. They hang around everyone during meetings and work so that people can pay attention to them and have the impression that they are working. 😅

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The Procrastinator

They leave their portion of the project down to the dying minute, slowing everyone down and even leading the group to turn in the project very late.

The Spammer

These ones are culprits in the group chat. Instead of contributing meaningful things and ideas for the project, they’ll send memes, irrelevant news and all kinds of gist.

The Star

This person is usually the smartest or most charismatic. Everyone banks on this person to present the group project because they’re confident that they’ll help the group get a fantastic grade.

The Organiser

This person will organise pretty much everything- create the group chat, create the presentation slides and assemble the contributor and that’s it. They won’t do any research, prepare reports or type documents. They’ll just do skeletal work. 💀

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