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How To Low-key MTN: 35883989833086278 Punish Your Parents Without Getting Caught

Who can boldly say they have never wanted to revenge against a parent? No, not something nasty or life-changing, just a little taste of their own medicine. After all, they almost always get away with everything.

As much as you can imagine, you don’t have the liver to do it, for fear of the meeting they will call unto your head. What if you could serve your itty-bitty punishment without getting caught?

Sneak a peek, you evil genius!

1. Change their phone password

Watch them struggle, mumble and wonder if technology is really helping the country. You can change the password on their phones. You might want to leave mobile apps out, especially when they are set to send you money. You do not want any complications there.

2. Tell the Landlord your dad just won the lottery

It will work best when your dad has not paid the rent yet. His landlord will be talking to him about doing what is right or not being greedy. He might throw in one or two shouts for the neighbours to hear. Hopefully, he believes your dad one hour later that he never won the lottery and don’t throw y’all out.

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3. Tell the nosy neighbour your mum is at home

You see that woman your mother has been hiding from because of her notorious habit of gossiping about everyone? Greet her and tell her how much your mum was just now saying she missed her chitchat.

4. Hide the car keys

Just before they step out, hide the car keys. They can search for it while you watch (if you have liver). When they are tired, they will call an Uber.

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5. Prank-call them

Call and tell them their account has been hacked or you are a Juju priest in need of old blood and listen to them cast and bind you.


You should probably just forgive them and remember how much love they have for you. Your punishments can end in your imagination.

Have you ever pranked your parents before?

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