Types of parents who visit their children in university

Children are not the only gifts from above because parents often remind us of the joys of life mostly at rough times in school where only the warming presence of your folks could suffice. Every student hopes for a nice package when their parents come around. From coolers of jollof, provisions, cash etc. to house gist and special well wishes.  Also some visits are often dreaded depending on the reason. Well here’s a compilation of the type of parents who visit their kids in uni.


The ones who come bearing gifts  

The ones who arrive with the whole extended family and neighbors


The busy ones who leave as soon as they arrive


The parents that act like they don’t know that they’re old


The ones who are concerned about the type of friends you keep


The ones that just come to hear gist about you from your lecturers


The ones who would find any reason to visit you


The ones who pay you a surprise visit when you’re not around

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