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Nine Random Office Moments That You Might have Experienced

If you work in an office, there are certain things you know all too well. Here are nine of them:

Getting free food on a colleague’s birthday


Admit it- you probably look forward to the birthday celebrations at the office because you get to eat free cake, small chops and food 😂. You even get more excited when it’s your CEO’s birthday because you know it’s going to be a party! From sandwiches to parfaits, small chops, jollof rice, cocktails, cake and more.

Early office closures


When the HR officer sends a mail to say that the office will be closing early? Peak euphoria.

Getting a promotion

There’s nothing better than getting recognized and rewarded for your hard work. It certainly makes you feel good to receive a promotion after a successful performance review. That new title and remuneration package? Sweeeet.

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Receiving a passive-aggressive email


Like when someone sends an email with ‘Regards’ even though their usual sign-off is ‘Kind Regards’. Or when someone finds a polite way of telling you to look at the previous messages in the mail thread carefully because you are acting like you can’t read. Tears.

Having to use the staircase because the elevator is stuck

You’re so used to getting to the third floor by pressing the button, feeling yourself getting lifted and towering above the ground, that the very act of climbing the staircase feels like a 30-minute cardio session.

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Twinning with a colleague


Have you ever resumed work only to find out that you and a colleague wore a similar outfit- same colour, same pattern and same styling. Sometimes, it’s cute and you even take some pictures for the ‘gram. Other times, it’s just annoying.

Trying to eat in a quiet office

It’s quiet in the office. You’re at your desk. You bring out an apple, a pack of plantain chips or biscuits, and you start eating. You can hear the sound of teeth chewing into the crunchy food and you feel awkward and you feel embarrassed, wondering if your mouth is really that loud, and if others feel awkward, as well. Yikes.

Battling sleep during a work meeting

Oh, we’ve probably all been there. You’re in a meeting that’s going on for hours and you’re trying your best to stay awake even though your eyes are threatening to close shut. It doesn’t help that AC is on in full blast, working as an enemy of progress.

Arguing over the temperature of the AC

One wants the AC at 24 degrees, another wants it at 18 degrees. Someone is cold, another person is sweating. Next thing, there’s a full-blown argument about it and it’s the remote button that suffers.

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