18 #DearPatient tweets that will have you laughing out loud

So the Association of Medical Students, University of Lagos on twitter @amsul_unilag thought to share with everyone some of the downright crazy moments they experience as consultants and student doctors using the #DearPatient hashtag and the tweets were absolutely hilarious!!!

Have a look!


When you have no words to explain how it is doing you.

When you’re not ready to see no evil and hear no evil.

Doctor not magician.

le Stress!

This Doctor wasn’t having it anymore!

And some joined the conversation to look for bae.

Me:#dearpatient what brought you here?
Patient:as i am here now i can hear people talking about me at the junction.. pic.twitter.com/TvGt2YxqsA

Put some respect on medical Students.

But seriously, #DearPatients, know your rights.

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