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Say It Like Your Mother: 6 Signs You Are Becoming Just Like Her

Say It Like Your Mother: 6 Signs You Are Becoming Just Like Her (9MOBILE 56844 36338 05380)

With the advancement in age comes a certain sense of responsibility. Especially when you have younger siblings or people who look up to you. Even though you are all generation Z and all modern and trendy, there are some traits you might have picked from your mother.

There were things she would say back then that you rolled your eyes at. Now, you are repeating them without even knowing it. Let’s help you stay woke. LOL.

You know you are becoming like your mother when you begin to say things like…

1. Where are you coming from?


When you start asking your siblings where they have been all the while, you’ll know you are becoming like your mum. Not because it’s wrong to ask, but because it’s one of the things Nigerian mothers say.

2. Who was that?


You start becoming nosy and want to know about every guest he/she brings home, wanting to know who they are on the phone with.

3. I had a dream about you.


You have now become Joseph the Dreamer. If they argue with you, you had a vision about how stubborn they are. They got a promotion, you already knew something good was on the way.

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4. Is this how you will go to your husband’s house?


If you have started making references to your siblings or friends about their ability to maintain a marriage, you are just like her. Common words you will hear; ‘So, you cannot cook? What happens when your wife is 9 months pregnant?’. ‘Is this how you will burn your husband’s Okro soup?’

5. Sit down, I want to talk to you.


Since you have spent more time on planet earth than your younger ones, you always feel the need to give wise counsels. When a Nigerian mum says ‘sit down, I want to talk to you’, just prepare yourself for a long speech. Your siblings probably roll their eyes or sigh exasperatedly at you, when you say this.

6. Where are you right now?


If you are calling your sibling or someone you care about 5 times within 2 hours, you are acting like a typical Naija Mother. ‘I know you are on your way, but where exactly are you?’, ‘I thought you said you were 30 minutes away. This is 31mins already.’

With these few points of ours, we hope you now believe that you are gradually becoming like your mother.

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