Meet Enuoyibo Daniella, Our Flexxpreneur Of The Month

It’s the first week of a brand new month which means it’s time for us to introduce to you our latest entrepreneur. In this episode of the Flexxpreneur series, we had a chat with Enuoyibo Daniella, a professional shoemaker, and producer of fashion leatherwork accessories.

It was a very enlightening Flexxpreneur session where we learned a lot from Daniella about her passion for craft and fashion. We wouldn’t want to leave you guys out of it so here is what went down with Adesewa our latest Flexxpreneur!

1. Let’s Meet You (Your Name And What You Do)

My name is Architect Enuoyibo Daniella, a professional shoemaker with 8 years of experience. I am the C.E.O of DEE Ñ ELL AFRICA (wear your imagination). DEE Ñ ELL AFRICA is a leather works producing company that deals with the manufacturing of leather accessories such as leather bags, shoes, belts, wallets, etc. I went into shoemaking because of my love for craft and fashion; and I wanted people to wear their imagination. I also had the need to train youths that were creative but idle, hence the opening of our school of shoemaking. We have trained over 540 students in the past 7 years.

2. How Long Have You Been Doing This?

I have been practicing shoemaking for 8 years now

3. What Inspired You To Go Into The Business?

My inspiration to go into business was and still remains my desire to create wealth without being dependent on anyone.

4. What Was Your Highest And Lowest Point Since You Started Today?

My highest point in my career was when I got a huge contract worth millions of Naira during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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My lowest point in my career was when I almost shut down Dee ñ ell Africa. I was running my masters in Architecture then, in Ekpoma, Edo State, and the course was time-consuming. I couldn’t keep up with the standard of perfection of my products in Dee ñ ell Africa, and my jobs suffered a lot of rejections that year. It was a bad year for me. I lost customers and money.

5. What Do You Aim To Achieve In The Next 12 Months Concerning Your Business

In the next 12 months, I would love to have standard machines and outlets to increase production in Dee ñ ell Africa as well as create employment for a lot of Nigerians.

6. What Are Your Short And Long Term Goals?

My short term goal is to show Nigerians that the local brands are always better than the foreign brands. By producing beautiful and aesthetically pleasing products, that are also very durable and functional.
My long term goal is to run the biggest shoe factory and Academy in Africa, that will project how beautiful African leather entrepreneuring is to the world.

7. Which Individuals Do You Draw Inspiration From And Why?

I draw inspiration from John Maxwell and Arc. Nguvan kyenge and Pastor Abu Jibril. They have been able to impact my life through their teachings on having a sound mind which equals a productive center. Their ability to multi-task has shown me that I can do a lot of things and still be good at all of them.

8. How Do You Unwind?

I reward myself with good food and comedy. I love food a lot. So, I make sure I eat something special when I want to relax.

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9. What Advice Would You Give Your Fellow Flexxers Who Are On This Path?

My advice to my fellow Flexxers is to harness the power of consistency. Little drops of water make an ocean. Resilience makes people trust you and give you their money. Once people know that can trust you, you gain patronage. Be a honest entrepreneur.

10. What Are Your Social Media Handles?

My social media handles are:
Instagram: @deenellafrica
Facebook page: dee n ell footwear
Twitter: @dee_n_ell
WhatsApp: 08100012722

11. Anything Else You’d Like Us To Know About You?

Dee n ell Africa is a brand that is committed to bring to your doorstep everything trending in fashion. Once you can imagine it, we produce it and you wear it. We are Shoe Architects because we relate our shoes to buildings, taking into consideration the factors of a good building. That is, good shoes must be durable, comfortable, balanced, aesthetically pleasing and must have a good structure. We are leather works company into production of bags, shoes, belts, keyholders, wristbands, luxury beads and neck props. Our major strength is our mandate to educate and empower people with our school of Shoemaking. We have 4 sessions in a year and we admit and graduate wonderful, certified artisans each set. With Dee ñ Ell Africa, you are sure to wear your imagination….

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  1. Confidence Obayuwana Reply

    Awesome piece. It’s good to see local brands changing narrative about the quality of their products. Kudos.

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