5 Life Hacks For When You Feel Stuck

As a young adult, it may sometimes feel like you’re in a maze, trying to figure life out, build a career, save money, grow your network, be a good/ responsible kid/sibling, maintain a balanced mental and physical health and generally try not to be crippled with anxiety and overthinking. 

And while it seems a lot to handle, sometimes you just want to curl up and disconnect from everything right? Well, I hope you know you’re not supposed to have it all figured out. Life doesn’t come with a manual and everyone is simply putting on a brave face and doing the best they can. Newsflash! – The people you see as ‘successful’ don’t have it all figured out too so relax and enjoy the ride. But, when life is doing its thing, these are some coping mechanisms you can use to roll with the punches. 

  1. Have trusted people you can talk to. Before you go on an overthinking spree, talk to someone you trust that can help you with gaining a better perspective. Don’t lose your marbles to overthinking by making a mountain out of a molehill.
  2. Engage in a hobby. When your brain feels foggy, it may mean that it needs to be stimulated and hobbies are a great mental stimulation. Your brain is involved with everything you do and it needs to be cared for so learn a skill, do puzzles, etc.
  3. Take digital breaks. Social media can be a lot. You’re fed with a ton of information and you don’t have time to filter because you’re swiping from one app to the other. It’s important to unplug (literally and figuratively) from your screen and connect to the real world. So, take a stroll, go swimming, etc.
  4. Seek advice outside of your age range. No age has a monopoly on knowledge. There’s always something to learn from others, whether old or young.
  5. Practice meditation. Meditation has great mental benefits. Tune out noise and distraction and commune with your inner self. It helps with gaining clarity and focus.

At the end of the day, life is happening to every one of us and I need you to remember that you’re not alone so take care of yourself. 




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