ASUU strike

When ASUU Finally Calls Off The Strike…

For nine months ASUU has been on strike. Many Nigerian students have spent so much time at home. The lockdown did not help matters. If a lecturer ask ‘where did we stop?’ almost everyone will not remember, unless they have their notes with them.

When students finally resume, it will take a while for some of them to adjust immediately to the normal system. As an old student, you would have witnessed some of these traits after returning from a long ASUU strike. If you are a new student, you are in for comic resumption.

1. Extra-large

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Some students will return to school looking like they swallowed an elephant, some will be unrecognizable. Mummy’s food has been doing wonders over the month.

2. Meekness

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For some, they return with humility. The big boy/girl attitude ends in school. At home, mum has instilled the fear of God in them. You dare not refuse to go on an errand. So, when they resume, the after effect still lingers and they come off looking like meek people.

3. Sleeping beauty

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You will meet the ones that will sleep for hours without interruptions. You would think they were drugged extensively.

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4. Talkativeness

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They have missed chatting and gisting with their friends. Imagine all that juicy gist just locked up in a GP tank, once open, it overflows.

5. Gum-body

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Do you have that friend that wants to follow you everywhere? After all this while apart, they become clingy and won’t give you breathing space.

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6. Selfie time

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Whip that phone out and let’s make memories, taking back all the time we’ve lost.

7. Oversabi


They have already started reading and preparing for their exams. No time to waste o. But to some, they are oversabi and showoffs.

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