Adulting Expenses

These Are The Expenses That Follow You When You Leave Your Parents’ House

One of the major highlights of the adulting stage is leaving your parents’ house to your crib. Given your newfound financial responsibilities, you have to deal with certain expenses and the effects they tend to have on your account.

It’s at this stage you start to realize how expensive everything is, and you remember the good old days when you didn’t have to bother about hearing ‘cash or card’ whenever you went outside because you weren’t responsible for your upkeep.

The things in the list didn’t seem so expensive when you were younger, now that you’ve grown.
Have a look:


Spring Mattress

Who knew sleep was so expensive? There are several expenses you incur when you move into your own house, and a good mattress is one of them -unless you intend to sleep on the floor.


Multicolor vitamins and supplements.

Back then, you didn’t have to check the bill whenever you went to the hospital, because that was your parents’ business. Now, you have to ensure you don’t fall sick, to avoid spending a chunk of your income on drugs. Better still? Get a good health insurance plan.

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Electricity Bills

Studio shot of a light bulb and electricity bill

When you were living in your parents’ house, you probably never checked the electricity bill, because, frankly, it wasn’t really your business. Now, you’re in your own house and it’s officially your business.



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Sigh. This is without a doubt, the biggest expense you’ve probably had to deal with. You’ve probably contemplated running back to your parents’ house a couple of times, but you had to suck it up, work harder and keep it moving.

Food & Groceries

Superfoods, meat, fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, greens and vegetables

Chicken. Pepper. Vegetables. Yam. Plantains. Cooking Oil. Pasta. When buying food becomes your major responsibility, you start to look at meals in a completely different light. You might even have to show up at your parents’ house once in a while to eat, under the guise of ‘coming to greet them’, when in reality, you just want to eat free food.

Car Maintenance

Auto mechanic man with face mask working at auto repair shop

From buying 5,000 worth of fuel every week to replacing certain body parts, thanks to bad Lagos roads and the reckless driving of other motorists. Owning and maintaining a car certainly ain’t cheap.


Set of stainless pots and pan with glass lids

Unless you’re parents gifted you some kitchenware as a parting gift, you probably had to buy some with your cash. Pots? Pans? Kettles? Cutlery? Those things cost good money, don’t they?



Yep, adulting in itself is EXPENSIVE. You leave the house in the morning and by the time you get home, you’ve spent over 15,000 Naira. The days of clinging to your parents are over, and the responsibilities of adulthood always welcome you with open arms.

What adulthood expense did you find the most surprising when you moved out of your parents’ house? Tell us in the comments section below!

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