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Three Scenarios Where You Need ‘Vex Money’

‘Vex Money’ is fundamentally described as the extra cash you take along with you to avoid ‘see finish’ (embarrassment). If you’ve ever been in a situation where someone decided to mess you up or mistreat you because they thought you had no other option and you were solely dependent on them, you’ll understand why you need to have this type of cash with you always.

Here are three scenarios where you absolutely need vex money: MTN- 8990 6221 5901 01652)

When a date goes wrong


Imagine this- You have a date with a potential bae, and you arrive at the restaurant before him. He calls you to tell you to hold on for him, as he’s stuck in traffic. He goes on to say to you to order anything you want and that he’ll pay when he arrives.

You order vermicelli noodles with shrimp sauce, roasted chicken and a cocktail. You start eating your expensive dinner as you wait for your date to show up.

The waiter brings the bill, and you tell him that your date will cover it. Two hours after, your date still hasn’t arrived. The wait staff are beginning to look at you funnily. You feel embarrassed. You don’t want to have to do the dishes to cover the bill, so you angrily bring out your debit card, pay for the meal, get up and leave the restaurant.

Problem solved. Moral lesson? ALWAYS take ‘vex money’ along with you on a date, just in case.

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When leaving an awful job


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If you’re stuck at an awful job where you’re overworked, and you have to deal with a toxic boss, you might feel the need to stay and manage things because you have bills to be paid and you aren’t financially stable enough to take your leave. This could make you feel stuck and helpless.

In this case, it would be great to have some vex money to give you some confidence as you plan your resignation and look for a better option. While it’s always advisable to secure a new job before resigning from your current job, you might have to leave if it starts to hold you back, affecting your mental and physical health in the process.

If you’re going to leave a company to focus on your growth while you look for another job or start your own business, you definitely need some vex money to help you stay afloat.

When you need to get your apartment


Here’s a scenario: Tunde had been squatting with Jare, his friend, for a while because he couldn’t afford his apartment yet. Despite earning a relatively lower income than Jare, Tunde ensured he chipped in some money to make up for 30% of the rent money while buying foodstuff for the house regularly and contributing to other bills as well. He was working at an accounting firm while working a side hustle.

After a while, Jare started acting condescendingly towards Tunde, talking down on him and even yelling at him for the slightest reasons. Tunde, annoyed at the turn of events, started saving some more money while putting in more hours at his side hustle to make more cash. He made enough money to rent his place, bought some foodstuff for Jare’s apartment and told him he was leaving. What gave him the confidence to do so? You guessed right- vex money.

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How then can you ensure have enough vex money to give you control over certain situations? Here are some tips:

Save. Save. Save. Have a monthly saving goal and stick to it.

Create an emergency fund to function as a contingency plan if an unpredictable event happens.

Create a monthly budget tailored to your income.

Cut down on bad money habits such as impulse buying.

Make significant money moves, such as having multiple sources of income and diversifying your investments.

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