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Exposed! 5 Mistakes You’ve Been Making With Your Natural Hair

Have you ever thought that all those YouTube and Instagram videos on African Natural hair growth have to be fake or just good genes? It can be frustrating trying to grow and help your natural hair stay healthy, but it seems to have a mind of its own.

Aside from the hair products we use, there are things we need to stop doing to our hair. This article will not be going into the intricacies of natural hair but can tell you a few things you’ve been doing wrong.

1. Stop pulling on thin hair

hair mistakes

In our bid to make the hairstyle last longer, the hairdresser makes the weave tight, pulling at the front hair. If your hair is sparse and thin in the front, you might not want to do that. If the hair hurts while weaving, then you’d know it is too tight. Make your front hair a bit loose and comfortable. It will still grow, unlike when you pull it, forcing it to break off.

2. Detangle instead of combing

Natural hair

The hair types common with Nigerians are 4b and 4c. They are so coiled that sometimes, you don’t see it. While a comb can smoothly go through a straight 4a or retouched hair, it is not the same for our natural hair. The comb gets tangled in the coils and forces it to break. You can use all the hair treatment you can find, but if you keep combing your natural curls, it will break and not grow past a certain length. Use your fingers and a good leave-in conditioner to detangle your hair.

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3. Please do not leave it dried-out

hair mistakes

While busy at work, home or other essential activities. It is easy to forget about moisturizing the hair. Due to the density of the coils in a 4c hair, water or moist doesn’t penetrate much. Which is why we have to repeatedly moisturize our hair like you’d do a home plant. So much work, right? You can keep it wrapped at night to sustain and hold moisture. Deep conditioning should occasionally be done on wash day.

4. Loose with care

hair mistakes

When you ask your younger one or friend to help you lose your hair, they have the habit of snipping attachments carelessly off your hair, without caring much about cutting your hair in the process. Aside from that, when you hurry or roughly tug at twists or weaves, they pull your hair alongside the weave-on. If you are time-conscious because of other activities, then attend to your hair at a different time. Watch a movie or read a book to while away the time while you meticulously tug on the weaves on your hair.

5. Leave your hair alone

protective hairstyle

The more you touch, comb or lose your hair, the more breakage you’ll get. Occasionally, you should style and rock your natural curls, wash your hair, deep condition and so on. All these require you to touch the hair. But if you want your hair to grow, you must be less manipulative. To do that, your hair should be tucked away in protective hairdo and give it a chance to grow. Wearing a protective hairstyle for a month is not a bad idea.

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Pretty Protective Hairstyles You Can Try-On

● Passion twist
● Spring twist
● Faux Locs
● Crochets
● Wigs

See also, reasons why some protective styles are not helping your hair grow;

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