Thank You Sign for Essential Workers

Celebrating The Heroes of The Coronavirus Pandemic

While many of us are working from home or adjusting to flexible work schedules to ensure our safety and that of others, several essential workers are reporting to their duty posts every day, playing their roles in helping to provide essential services, either at the frontlines or in the background.

Here are eight categories of essential workers who deserve so much recognition during this period and deserve to be celebrated as heroes of the pandemic:

Healthcare Workers

Portrait of female doctor wearing scrubs looking at camera smiling

We have to applaud our healthcare workers who are at the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. The doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists, aides and more. They work tirelessly round the clock to conduct tests, treat patients, administer medication and more, all while trying to stay sane and avoid being infected. You are heroes, and we stan.

Sanitation Workers

Elegant People-Professional.Street Cleaner

Sanitation workers and cleaning officials have to work to ensure that healthcare centres, as well as our environment, are kept clean to minimise the risk of infection. They spend hours disinfecting, wiping down surfaces, sweeping and so much more. Your efforts are not unnoticed. Well done!

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Delivery Officers and Dispatch Riders

Delivery man in helmet and green uniform isolated cartoon character on white background

Delivery officers and dispatch riders have more work on their hands, as they have to deliver services and orders to various locations since movements have been restricted and most individuals are currently at home and in need of supplies and services. Thank you, dispatch riders.

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Call Centre Agents

Shot of a adorable young woman working in a call center with her team.

NCDC Call Centre Agents work all day to answer the reports, requests and questions posed by numerous individuals every hour. They also have to write and prepare reports while attending training sessions to be better equipped for their duties—a round of applause for them.

P.S.- Do NOT prank call the NCDC lines. It’s irresponsible and straight-up tomfoolery.

Banking Staff

 Businessman checking on incomes in office, using calculator, taking notes, cropped

GLO: 15139-72463-87211 Banking staff have to ensure that money is available for individuals to make transactions both online and offline during such a trying period. They are essential workers, and we appreciate them.


Woman sitting in news studio with breaking news sign behind her, ready to go live.

Journalists have to stay on top of the news to provide updates as soon as they break- from the number of confirmed cases to the recent developments in different locations, as well as the activities by the government and other relevant bodies. Shoutout to all the awesome journalists!

Shop Attendants and Cashiers

Male customer in casual putting products from cart to counter., where the cashier stands

Shop attendants have to resume work every day to ensure they meet the needs of hundreds of individuals who come to stock up on supplies and household necessities.

Moreover, during trying periods like this, stores and supermarkets tend to be overpopulated, and it takes a lot of work to control such crowds and attend to everyone (and their ridiculous demands and attitudes, sometimes) while trying to remain composed and professional. Well done to them.


Cropped shot of a pharmacist using a digital tablet in a chemist

Pharmacists have to stay on top of their game every day to ensure that drugs are dispensed and supplied without fail to those who need them. Furthermore, they have to attend to numerous individuals who often come in to ask questions about the Coronavirus, as well as helping to avoid drug abuse and misinformation. Well done!

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We appreciate and acknowledge all essential workers and the various roles they play during such a trying time as this. Well done!

MTN- 0616 5560 0551 57601

P.S.- If you know anyone who works in any of these services, please give them a call and check up on them to encourage them and find out how they’re doing. It would make them feel much better,

Who did we leave out in our list? Please let us know in the comments section.

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