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Avoid These Unflattering Mistakes When Decorating Your Living Room

Renting or owning your home is always a welcoming relief, don’t you think so? In our excitement to decorate, we sometimes make mistakes while decorating the living room. While your bedroom is your haven and you can do whatever you want with it, the living room, on the other hand, is where you will most likely entertain your visitors.

The living room portrays how you want to be seen by others and must be meticulously done. Usually, a well put together living room requires the touch of a professional interior decorator, but who has money for that in this COVID-19 period?

By avoiding a few common mistakes, you can have yourself an inviting living room;

1. Loud Colours

Living room

Unless your living room doubles as your studio, avoid the temptation to paint it in loud colours. This way, you can decorate it with any ornament or item of your choice with the colours you love. Bold colours can sometimes come off as imposing and unwelcoming, instead settle for soothing and blending colours. MTN- 7234 7129 4354 40295

2. Keep your plates in the kitchen


If you have beautiful ceramics you want to put on display, that is cool, but stacking your breakable plates in the same room just because they are from China, is not cool. They can come off as tacky when being put on display unless you have one those living rooms with an inbuilt kitchen.

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3. Tiny Rugs


To quote Daily Forest, little rugs are like wearing T-shirts that are too small. It is cute that you want a small rug in the living room and not something that covers the entire floor, but for it to pull the room together and give it that distinctive look, the rug should be anchored by a furniture. It can be your cushion or table, as long as it has its legs on the carpet.

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4. If you don’t like the cabinet, don’t nail it in


The first move into your apartment can mean you don’t have all the furniture you need just yet. Take, for example, the TV stand, what kind of cabinet did you envisage? If the furniture and cabinets you own at present are only for temporary use, then you should hold off hammering here and there to avoid dents in the wall and irrecoverable damage.

5. Weird and old sofas


If you want to invite your new friends over from the networking conference, you better have the appropriate and clean sofas ready for use. It’s good that you’re trying to be cost-efficient, but an old, wrinkled sofa is not a good impression.

6. Cable wires

Not only do they not look flattering, but an exposed wire can also result in a fire accident. Store up your DSTV and Tv cables in a gadget, and if you can’t get that, you can at least keep them out of sight.

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