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The Weirdly Unrealistic Portrayals of School Life in Movies

Movies often give us unrealistic depictions of life, romance, work, friendships, family dynamics and more. Despite this, we can’t help but love them because the idealistic notions provide us with some entertainment and much-needed escapism, right?

However, if there’s one thing we can’t ignore, it’s the weird depiction of school life in some of these movies. Anyone who expects those depictions to play out the same way in real life is due for a reality check.

Here are some things about school life in movies that we can’t wrap our heads around (P.S: We know they’re overdramatized on purpose, but that doesn’t make it any less weird)

Take a look and be the judge:

Students randomly bursting into musical numbers- choreography and all


One minute, the students are eating in the cafeteria peacefully. The next minute, someone gets up and starts singing. Before you know it, everyone has joined in this perfectly choreographed and harmonized musical performance on the spot. Na wa oh.
We know most of these movies are mainly idealistic but come on, we’ve got to admit that it’s pretty awkward.

Students sneaking around the school to solve a mystery case


Imagine being sent to school to study and then deciding to team up with your school mates to sneak around the school to solve mysteries like you’re a bunch of Sherlock Holmes protégés. Who has time for that? Is that what your parents sent you to do? (Riverdale, we’re looking at you)

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Students Ditching Classes Yet Still Graduating


Quick question- do the students in these movies even value their education? ?  We hardly see them in class, and they hardly ever study. They’re either having sleep-overs, raging at parties, going on shopping sprees or solving their ridiculous mystery cases yet they still get to graduate. We all know that’s not how it works.

Students Going to Their Lecturers’ Homes


This one is awkward because we know students are hardly ever comfortable seeing their lecturers outside the four walls of their lecture halls. Why then would students feel comfortable hanging out with their lecturers and getting entangled in the web of their lives? Someone, please explain.

Students Having Everyone Else’s Number


Last but not least, how is it possible that in these movies, an individual can bring out his/ her phone and text every single student in the whole school at the same time? Is there a general group chat for the thousands of students in the school? Is that even possible? Yikes.

What are some other weird portrayals of school life that you often see in movies?

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