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Now Is The Best Time To Pamper Your Hair

Have you been spending more time at home due to the partial lockdown? How about giving your hair some good love, pampering and rest?

With much time spent indoors, your hair has avoided harsh weather conditions, less combing and frying, as you do not have to style it for an outing.

Which brings us to a few points to prepare our hair (whether relaxed or natural) for the next time we can go out and show it off.

1. Stop using ‘relaxers’ so often

relaxed hair

You are not trying to impress anyone just yet, so give your hair space to breathe from all the chemicals and heat. Your hair doesn’t have to be natural for you to give retouching it a little rest, as constant relaxing can cause your hair to thin out and break.

2. Don’t wash all the time

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Hey, its not a car wash. You do not have to wash every day because you’re carrying natural hair unless you’re on low cut and not interested in growing healthy hair. When you do so often, you strip your hair off its natural oil. But then, it depends on how oily your hair is or how dry it is. Hair experts often suggest washing once a week. You can also see Cosmopolitan to know how many times your hair type should be cleaned.

3. Trim off split ends

While you are chilling at home, get sharp scissors and cut those split ends at the tip of your hair. When you ignore them, they split up the hair shaft, making it damaged, unhealthy, frizzy and thin.

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4. Keep moisturized


Drinking water and spritzing water on your hair daily helps keep it moisturized and stops it from drying out. Team natural need to follow this rule more than people with straight hair. This is so because the natural oil produced at the scalp does not slide down the hair shafts easily. So moisturize, especially the ends daily.

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5. Use satin wraps

A satin cap, bonnet, scarf or pillow, reduces split ends. It protects your hair from the breakage, tangles and drying out caused by friction between your hair and materials that absorb moisture, like cotton. If you are not comfortable wearing a satin bonnet or scarf, you can get a pillow wrapped in satin,

6. Don’t comb every day

frizzy hair

If you are carrying a natural hair, you should know that your hair coils up with each other and when you continuously try to straighten it with a comb you forcefully separate it and cause breakage, hindering your hair from growing. Run your hands through your hair, if it’s looking rough.

7. Ghana weaving can wait


Now that you are not going out on dates, you do not have to make glamorous hairdo that harms your hair and scalp. Take a break from such harmful hairstyle that contributes significantly to the thinning going on at your front hair.

8. Wear protective hairstyles

This cannot be overemphasized. You do not have to ignore your hair just because you can’t go out to have fun. Weave your hair or try other simple hairdos that do not require you to touch your hair every day.

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