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A Few ‘Firsts’ You And Your Body Shared

There is a first time for everything, isn’t that right? As much as some events might not seem unusual or exciting anymore, our first encounter with them was memorable. Take, for example, the first experience you had of your menstrual cycle, the visit to the doctor to get a tetanus injection. That was something.

Let us take a trip down memory lane and recollect those things our body had to go through to stay healthy and clean.

1. The first menstrual flow


Nothing beats that moment. If you were lucky, mummy and teachers in school had already prepared you for the inevitable. However, nothing still beats that moment when you are excited, jumping about with no care in the world, only for your friends to shriek at the sight of blood trailing behind your outfit. Embarrassment.

2. The first time you experienced puberty changes


The young cherry boy suddenly wakes up with a voice he cannot recognise. Guys react to this differently. You are either excited to be a man now, or you shy away from talking so that your friends don’t embarrass and laugh at your new voice.

3. First ‘Well-remembered’ injection


Oh, boy! Of course, it wasn’t your first time receiving a needle, you’ve taken many doses as a baby. But there is that one you remember vividly, as a teenager. How you tried to be the adult and the nurse tapped your butt fondly, asking you to release yourself, so you either put up a fight and weep like a child or you played tough and hardened yourself, resulting in one week pain in the butt and you walking like an older man.

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4. The first real injury


Every child has fallen and had a few bruises, but there is that particular one that leaves its mark. It is the kind you obtain after a very rough and dangerous play, and your trip to the hospital is some form of punishment and warning for you. The first of this kind can leave you feeling sorry for yourself as you bear the pain or make you accessible among your peers who want to sign on your cast, for being a tough Gee.

5. Bladder Haphazard


Have you ever been out in public with absolutely nowhere to relieve yourself? This has been the most embarrassing moment in some people’s lives, where they couldn’t hold it in anymore and just had to go right where they were standing or seated. God help you, that your crush isn’t present on that day.
What other ‘First encounter’ do you recollect you and your body going through? Drop some!

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