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Haircuts In The Time of Coronavirus

Gents, don’t you miss those casual strolls to the barbershop to get a haircut? Sitting on the ‘hot-seat’ while your barber renews your baby boy subscription by giving you a smooth hair that could give Ludacris a run for his money.

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Months ago, you could get a haircut whenever you wanted. A trim for your beard, a fade on your hair and a line up to keep your hairline looking top-notch. Now, you have no choice than to stay home and deal with whatever has become of your hair.

Some folks have taken it as an opportunity to grow their hair out


They’ve decided to watch the hair grow out and see how good they look in an afro, no matter how untrimmed it is.

Others decided to braid it


When you don’t know what to do with your full hair, you braid it and call it a day, right? Some folks have decided to get some retro Omarion-style cornrows.

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Some tried to give themselves haircuts (and failed)


They tried to take things into their own hands, and well, they’ve been avoiding their mirrors ever since. This is a safe space. You can tell us if you fall into this category. MTN- 7301 2449 4553 50285

While some tried- and succeeded

How to Give-Yourself a Haircut

Source: Elmens

With some YouTube tutorials and advice from their barbers, some people have successfully cut their hair. Some talents have been discovered during the lockdown.

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Some turned their partners into barbers- and regretted it


Some people offered to give their significant others a haircut while some asked for it and let’s say… things did not work out well.

Some partners did an excellent job and succeeded


Honestly, if your partner gave you a decent haircut during this period, she’s a keeper.

Others couldn’t care less


Some people really couldn’t care less. They haven’t combed, brushed or washed their hair during this period, and honestly, we can’t blame them. These are strange times, and we’re gradually losing track of time and days, so who cares about what your hair looks like? Sidenote:
Please take care of your hair when you can. ;

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