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How To Surprise & Dazzle Your Loved Ones On Special Days

How To Surprise & Dazzle Your Loved Ones On Special Days (GLO 36263 98012 58659)

Surprise! Abi, no be so dem dey talk am? You too can throw a surprise package for your loved ones on their birthday without having to break the lockdown rules.

Usually, birthdays and other celebrations require outdoor centres like movies, clubs, beaches and so on, where friends will be invited. With movements limited you dazzle and bedazzle right there in his/her house.

This is how you do it;

1. Surprise!


This is easy and very popular. If the celebrant is one who has to go to work on that day. You wait until he/she has left the house, then you prepare for the return, decorating the apartment with confectionaries, balloons, cake and the works. Invite a few friends over or do with just family, hide and when the celebrant enters… all of you shout ‘Surprise!’

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2. B&B (Breakfast in Bed)


Shh…don’t let the secret out. While Bae is still snoozing, head to the kitchen and whip up him/her favourite breakfast. Ensure you’re done before he/she wakes up! Ok, breakfast is ready.

3. Send the gift


Social distancing and lockdown don’t mean gifts can’t be shared. No dey play smart! If you cannot be present physically, especially now that we’re observing social distancing, there are a lot of dispatch riders readily available to deliver your gifts to your loved ones.

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4. Balloon Avalanche


Going for a shocker? Fill up the room or cupboard with balloons. Also, keep a recorder in hand to capture the priceless reaction on their face when they open it and get hit with an avalanche of balloons. The expression on their face…Shocker!

5. Bake a cake


You can buy one, but if you are going for a surprise, then you should bake it yourself. This way, they will genuinely be surprised appreciative of the effort you put into baking their favourite cake.

6. Collect letters from loved ones


Can you imagine how beautiful and touching it would be when a celebrant receives a scrapbook filled with messages and notes of people who love him/her? This will move one to tears. You use colourful post-its for the different notes and paste them on the wall.

7. Treasure Hunt


Leave puzzles and clues in different places and let the celebrant search for the ultimate gift. This builds fun and suspense for the celebrant. Don’t make it too hard as you do not want them searching the whole day.

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