NYSC Corps Members

Scenarios That Could Scare Every Corper

NYSC is an adventure that involves serving your country while trying to ensure you don’t get in trouble in the process.

These are the worst-case scenarios that could scare the life out of every ‘corper’.

When your NYSC posting letter comes in and you realize that you’ve been posted to a remote town.


Your mates were posted to Lagos or Abuja while you have to start packing your bags to travel to a city you can’t pronounce.

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Seeing ‘Absent’ when you check your clearance attendance on the NYSC portal.


This is even worse when you actually attended the monthly clearance.

Getting to the local government, only to find out that your file is missing.


And you have to start searching for it, even though it wasn’t in your care. How annoying.

When everyone else has received their allowee and your bank still hasn’t paid.


One of the most frustrating things ever, especially when you’re broke and hanging by a thread.

When you misplace your ID Card and you can’t partake in the biometrics.


Just start praying for a miracle.

When you hear that they might extend your POP day.


A nightmare.

When you step on an official’s toes and he/she asks for your ID card.


Ghen-ghen. *Cue Nollywood suspense soundtrack*.

When you get to the local government late and clearance/ CDS has been concluded.


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Put on your best ‘pity-me face’. It’s time to beg.

What’s the funniest or scariest moment you’ve had as a corper?

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