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5 career advice for young people taking up a new career

While venturing on a new career path, it is so important to seek the right advice, which can help you avoid pitfalls. Check out these tips that could take you to the top.


  • Know your worth: You must be aware of your value when taking up a new career. Before accepting a position, consider what the company is offering. Think about the salary and the amount you’re putting into savings. Also, consider your living expenses. If they don’t tally, try to reconsider.
  • Don’t compare yourself: When accepting a job position, don’t compare yourself with your other colleagues based on performance or outlook. Focus on the big picture always.
  • Try not to fit into a box, fit into many boxes: Endeavour to always be versatile and industrious. This reflects positively on your performance.
  • Put yourself first: Don’t sacrifice your health and all-around wellbeing for your career. Secure your health physically and mentally also. Make time for your family and people who matter to you. Even though you may be young, avoid working out of control i.e. extra working hours.
  • Learn everything you can: Because you’re employed in a department doesn’t mean you can’t function or learn from another. Try to learn a little about everything and everything about something.


Starting out on a new career path can be exciting and draining. Take a balance and soar to the top!



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