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Ten Types of Students At The Beginning Of The Semester

For some people, returning to school after spending some weeks at home is an exciting moment to look forward to. For others, it feels like going back to prison after being granted parole.

The beginning of the semester is a very crucial one, and it shows different sides of each student. Which of these categories of students do you fall into?

Let’s find out:

The Latecomers


Some students resume late because of specific personal reasons, and some just decide to return late because resuming early isn’t cool. While their course mates are in school, they are shopping in Sephora at Dubai Mall and sharing on Snapchat. We see you!

The Very Excited Ones


These students love school, either because they miss their friends, or they enjoy organized learning.

The Ones Who Bring All Their Things


These students bring at least four travel bags to school filled with everything- cereal, clothes, beverages, chocolates, biscuits; you name it. If you’re going to spend the remaining months in school, you might as well make yourself extra comfortable.

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The Ones Who ‘Stab’ Classes Until The Second Month


They need to hibernate and process things for a full month before they go about their business, you can’t blame them.

The Ones Who Are Already Homesick


They haven’t spent up to a full month in school, but they already want to go back home because school is the GHETTO. Ra-ta-ta-ta.

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The Ones Who Start Hustling for A Good Bedspace/ Room before Others Resume


You’ve got to get those comfy bed spaces.

The Ones Who Start Complaining From The First Day


I mean, there’s always something to complain about- poorly-timed lectures, lousy roommates, frustrating rules and regulations, etc. If you don’t complain about these things, who will?

The Clueless Ones


They vacated school for a couple of weeks, and now that they’re back, they can’t remember anything about school anymore.

The Ones Who Are Already Broke


They haven’t spent up to two weeks, but they’re already down to the last 1k in their account. Now they have to strategize how to ‘finesse’ some money from their folks at home.

The ones Who Are Already Borrowing Things


Isn’t it way too early to borrow toothpaste?

What type of student are you at the beginning of the semester? Tell us!

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