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Here’s A List of Questions to Spice Up Your First Date

First dates can be really awkward. However, to break the ice and move any form of the awkwardness out of the way, here are some questions you should ask on your potential bae on your first date.


NB: Ask these questions at your own risk. We will not be liable for any consequences that occur.

‘Are you single? (Like, single-single?)’


Yep. It’s better to get that out of the way as quickly as possible. You don’t want to end up fighting anyone’s boyfriend/ girlfriend/ spouse on social media, please. Make eye-contact with your bae and ask this question with a straight face. Let him/ her know you’re serious.

‘Do you often reverse on the highway?’


Let’s find out what kind of driver this person is, so you can know whether he/she will lead you to an early grave with reckless driving habits if you ever go on a ride with the person.

‘How many times in a month do you think I should wash my bedsheets?’


No, you don’t need his/ her advice. It’s a trick question to discover your potential bae’s hygiene habits.

‘When was the last time you dipped your bread in tea and how many days did you spend in jail for that heinous crime?’


Oh, your date won’t see this one coming. It’s the moment of truth.

‘Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever pooped at?’


A bank? A baby’s potty? At the back of a broken-down danfo? Tell him/ her to give you the backstory. You’re just interested.
Oh wait, that’s gross.

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‘Is any of your exes currently plotting a John Wick- style violent revenge against you?’


There’s no harm in finding out a little about your potential bae’s past love life, right? Find out whether you need to run for your life or not.

‘Do you think Thanos’ motives were ridiculous or rational?’


A great conversation starter. Let your date give you a glimpse of his/ her thought process.

‘What fictional character would you love to go on a romantic getaway with?’


There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“How do you pronounce ‘Amoeba?’”


Write it down on a piece of paper and tell them to read it out. Get ready to laugh.

What are some funny date questions to ask? Let us into your quirky mind.

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