Busting The Most Popular Myths of Our Childhood

When we were younger, some people took advantage of our naivety and ignorance to feed us all sorts of stories, most of which we wholeheartedly believed, even without evidence or proof.

Imagine the shock we experienced when we discovered that most of these stories were in fact, myths.

Here are the most popular myths that were popular in our childhood. (In case you didn’t know they were myths, now you know)

Eating Beans Will Make You Taller


Whoever came up with this theory was probably trying to give some hope to fun-sized people everywhere. Here’s the deal: beans are rich in protein (which helps in body growth) but eating a lot of it doesn’t guarantee that you will go from 5’4 to 6’1. Your height is majorly determined by genetic components, okay? Okay.

Whistling At Night Invites Snakes


This was probably a ‘clever’ tactic to stop little kids from whistling and disturbing neighbours at night because: in what world is this even true? The fact that lots of people still believe in this till this day is proof of how widely spread this myth is.

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If You Walk Over A Pregnant Woman’s Legs, The Child Will Look Like You


Quick question- What’s the correlation? This theory clearly has zero regards for genetics and science ?. Anyway, this is a theory that we completely ‘ate up’ as kids and is untrue. Next!

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When Rain and Sun Appear At The Same Time, A Lion is Giving Birth


The backstory isn’t quite clear, but this is a work of fiction. We’re pretty sure this didn’t happen in Lion King so we’re going to call this what it is- FALSE.

When Your Hand Itches You, Money is Coming


You like this one, don’t you? It’s so easy to see why this myth became very popular- receiving money is ALWAYS a good idea and we all could do with some more money, right?

A Tree Will Grow On Your head If You Swallow Seeds


If this was true, most of us would have trees on your head, considering we’ve all accidentally swallowed fruit seeds at some point in our lives. Besides, it’s scientifically impossible for trees to grow without fertile soil and sunlight.

Did we skip some important ones? Share them in the comments section!

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