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Give Your Income A Boost With These Weekend Job Ideas

Everyone looks forward to weekends because they call for relaxation that helps clear up the rust of the busy week. However, if you’re interested in taking up some jobs over the weekend to augment your current income, you can start any of these jobs.

Rideshare Driving

Ridesharing services like Uber and Bolt are continuously expanding their network, so you can take the opportunity. These cabs are usually in high demand during weekends, due to several events such as weddings, birthdays and others; so you’re bound to make a good amount of money. All you need is a good car, a driver’s license, great driving skills, a good knowledge of directions (or at least, a good knowledge of Google maps) and you’re good to go!

African man using his phone while driving.

Freelance Photography

If you have a great eye for details and you know how to work your way around a camera, then you’ve got a lucrative side-job on your hands. Purchase a good camera and spend your spare time learning and improving your craft with tutorial videos on YouTube and get inspired by fellow photographers. You can make some extra cash as a wedding/ event photographer on weekends. Of course, you’ll need to grow your network and publicise your work online, so you can get referrals.

Female Freelance Photographer


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Wedding Singing/ ‘DJ-ing’

Weddings are incomplete without music, this is where you step in. If you’ve got a great voice and a mastery of a diverse range of songs, you can get paid to do it at weddings during weekends. Also, if you’re great at mixing and creating ‘bomb’ playlists, you can become a DJ! Create a good online brand presence and expand your network so you can get offers. How’s that for a cool side job?

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Male Wedding Singer

Freelance Writing

You can take up freelance writing if you’re good at weaving words together to make compelling pieces. Many businesses need website content, marketing content, articles and more. If you’ve got what it takes, promote yourself online by creating a portfolio to share your past works. You can also sign up on freelance websites like and to get noticed and hired.

Female Freelance Writer

Web Design and Development

Web designers are in high demand currently, so you need to get on that wave. You can help small and even large businesses create and design cool websites that represent the value provided by your clients. You need to be skilled at web design, coding, developing, typography, U/UX, motion graphics and more. You might not be the most skilled but with the basic knowledge you have, you can start and get better over time.

Male Web Designer

Graphic Design

You can help elevate a brand by creating compelling visuals for them. Lots of businesses, brands and individuals need catchy and captivating designs for their websites, social media, logos, presentations, logos and more. You can make use of your weekends to work on jobs to make extra cash.

Male Graphic Designer

Fitness Instructor

If you’re a fitness junkie who’s mastered all forms of squats, lunges, lifts and more, you can sign up as a fitness instructor at a local gym or set up your own space to train budding fitness enthusiasts. Most people tend to hit the gym during weekends, so you’ll most likely be booked.

Male Fitness Instructor at Gym


Those tasty meals you make deserve to be enjoyed by more people (for a good fee, of course). If you can whip up a mean dish in the kitchen, you can start a lucrative catering business and make good money at weddings, parties, corporate events and more, on weekends.

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African Female Caterer

Are there some other cool weekend job ideas you’re aware of? Share them with us!

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