Shea Butter & Coconut Oil: How To Detect The Fake

If you rock your natural hair or prefer to use organic products to keep your skin glowing, then you probably understand the struggle of the fake organic products in the market.

I mean, you go to the market to get Shea butter for your hair, and it refuses to absorb, or you buy coconut oil to get that “melanin popping” glow, only to have your skin break out with ringworms and other skin irritations. Horrifying and frustrating, right?

You need not worry about that anymore. There are ways to differentiate the fake from the real.

Shea Butter

So, what do you look out for before buying yours?

1. Know its colour.


Make sure it isn’t all white. That is an indication it has been processed, and other substances have been added to it. The colour should be either yellow or off ivory white.

2. Recognise its smell.

Next, you smell it. If you smell anything other than shea butter, do not buy it.

3. Feel its texture.

It should not be hard or greasy. When you apply it on your skin, it should absorb smoothly.

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Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are widely known, making it a popular and very much sought-after oil. As the demand for coconut oil increases, some retailers are looking for ways to drive down the price to sell more of the product, which invariably results in the influx of fake coconut oil in the market. So, here are things to look out for when buying yours?

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1. Taste and smell it

You know what coconut oil should taste and smell like, don’t you? Well, if it doesn’t, don’t buy it.

2. If it’s caked, it’s fake

It is not shea butter, neither is it any butter. Your coconut oil should run silky like olive oil.

Do you use natural oil for your hair or skin? Let us know if it had any positive or negative impact on you.

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