Workplace etiquette 101: Tips that are often ignored

There are rules that guide conduct and behaviour in every sphere of life and the workplace is definitely not an exemption. Workplace etiquettes include the seemingly ‘minor’ details that are often ignored.

Whether you’re new on the job or you’ve been working at a company for years, it’s important to acquaint yourself with these etiquettes, as they can make a huge difference in your career advancement.

The tips? Have a look!

a. If you’re running late, inform others


Showing up late for work or meetings with a barrage of excuses makes you look unprofessional. So, if you’re going to be late for any reason whatsoever, make sure you inform your line manager or one of your colleagues via mail, phone call or SMS.

b. Avoid crossing boundaries


No matter how close or friendly you are with your colleagues, beware of crossing the line. Don’t overshare personal info with your colleagues and be careful not to get touchy or make sexual advances.

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c. Wash your hands after using the restroom

Oops! This might seem an obvious hygiene habit, however, it often ignored or forgotten. Being in the office environment, it’s most likely that you’ll shake hands with a lot of people. Therefore, to avoid spreading germs, endeavour to wash your hands when leaving the restroom. Spread love, not germs.

d. Don’t make the conference room your personal office

You have a designated desk for a reason. Don’t turn the conference room to a personal office. Also, avoid taking long, personal voice or video calls there. You really don’t want your manager and his/ her clients walking in on you while you’re detailing your last dating experience to a friend.

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e. Use subtle fragrances


Yes, you might really love that expensive designer perfume you got from your Dubai trip, but please do not choke others with it! Use it in minimal amounts if you have to. Keep it simple and moderate.

f. Hold the door open

When going through a door, ensure you look behind you to see if someone is coming and hold the door open for them. It’s the right thing to do.

g. Don’t make personal remarks about your colleague’s appearance


‘Bolu, you’ve put on weight o, you must have really enjoyed this Christmas break’ is definitely not the right way to welcome someone back to the office. Avoid making personal remarks about someone’s appearance. You might be joking, but the recipient of your ‘joke’ might not find it funny at all.

The tips mentioned above are very vital, as they help foster a healthy and professional workplace. Ensure you practice them at all times, as they will give you a good reputation among your colleagues and help you advance in your career.

What other workplace etiquettes do you think people often ignore? Share with us in the comment section below!

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