Things to do when bored without spending money

Boredom sucks, and it sucks some more if shopping for your cure. Here are things you can do to break boredom without having to spend a dime. Thank us later.
●       Organize your closet:Look through your closet. It could be needing a facelift. Arrange and fold your clothes allowing more space and ventilation. Also, separate the clean clothes from the ones needing a wash.
●       Delete dormant apps and folders on your phone: You might be having a lot of folders and apps you don’t really need. Here’s your chance to relieve your phone of this weight and free up some storage space. Your phone will thank you for this.
●       Read a book: Once you figure out you’re bored and you’ve got ample time, pick up that book you haven’t finished yet or better still start a new one and be determined to finish it or go far at least.
●       Learn a new language: Make the app Duolingo your buddy. Start off with the language you’ve always loved to learn; and whenever you get bored, pick up from when you left off and in no time you’d be conversing well in a foreign language.
●       Do some exercise: Do some reps! Jog around your neighborhood and follow a strategic workout routine. Plug in your favorite songs while at it and be guaranteed a fun time.
What other activities do you engage in to cure boredom? We want to know.


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