Types of annoying roommates you’ll meet in school

An unavoidable part of life on campus is meeting new people and having to share a major part of your time and space with them (particularly if you live in the hostel). So, if you resume at a school (private or government-owned) expecting to have a room on campus all to yourself, you’re in for a shocker. And in most cases, you do not have the opportunity to choose your roommates, which means you’re stuck for the whole semester with students placed in the same room with you.

While being grouped with different kinds of roommates is a great opportunity to learn human interaction, you need to brazen up because you’ll most likely be dealing with one or more of the following roommates:

The tight-fisted ones

They never share anything, and they make sure they keep all their provisions to themselves, down to the smallest cube of sugar. Besides, they have all sorts of excuses and reasons for not sharing anything and they don’t mind being hated for it. (‘It’s almost finished’ is definitely at the top of their list of excuses). If you’re ever in need of quick cash, don’t bother asking them o.

The ‘beggy beggy’ ones

Beggy beggy roommates always ask for one thing or another. Some of them can afford to get certain things for themselves but they’d rather ask others for theirs. While it’s good to be generous, there might be times you need to say no. You’re not being stingy; you’re only teaching them discipline.

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The dirty ones

Dirty roommates are the weakest links. They litter the room with all kinds of waste, and they HATE cleaning up. Personal hygiene is not something they care for either, as they can go all day without taking a bath and they hardly do their laundry. With this kind of roommates, you are bound to have endless arguments unless you’re fine with staying out of the room.

The noisemakers


The noisemakers enjoy playing music out loud (to the speaker’s limits) and a lot of the time, they have very poor taste in music. They also enjoy talking at the top of their voices and can go on for hours. If you end up having one as a roommate, you might need to buy some quality earplugs to block out their noise.

The lazy ones (sloths)

These kinds of people hate work and never do anything. They hardly leave their rooms and hardly go for lectures. They mostly make up all sorts of excuses and they might ask you to help them run some errands more often than not.

The debaters

Debaters will get into any and every type of argument. From football to movies and music, you name it! If you hate confrontation, you might find it difficult to avoid it with this kind of roommate. Often times, you’ll end up getting into arguments over petty things like whether or not the light should be left on or off at night. Exhausting.

Intrusive ones

Intrusive roommates love encroaching on your personal space. They’ll sit on your bed, take your provisions without permission, wear your clothes and (here’s where it gets serious) even use your bath towel! These kinds of roommates can be really obnoxious, and they ask way too many questions.

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The absentees

These kinds of roommates are always MIA. They only show up during test and exam periods after which they abscond again. You hardly see them, and you might not even know their names! Crazy, right? On the bright side, you get some privacy out of it.

What other types of annoying roommates do you know? Did you encounter anyone similar to the ones we shared above? Share with us in the comment section.

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