About the Flexx life; our top 5 moments of 2017

As we end year 2017, we can’t help but look back at all the wonderful things we’ve experienced this year, the growth achieved and the lessons learned from our mistakes and triumphs.

While every moment of the year was awesome for us, here are our top 5 moments in the year.

  1. #BankingOnLove We kicked off the second month in the year sharing love and happiness with our Flexxers. Having 10 Flexxers win #10,000 each week in the month of February were very pleasant moments for us.
  2. #FlexxCareerSeries As promised, we continue to show our dedication to helping our Flexxers achieve their dreams, living better lives and getting the jobs of their dreams. The FlexxCareerSeries provided practical tips for fresh graduates and job seekers.
  3. #FlexxHubLaunch Benin A super cool hub where you can open your Flexx account, use free wifi, carry out transactions and hang out with other Flexxers? Bet! We are so glad the students of Uniben get to experience this much coolness everyday!
  4. #FlexxYourCreativity 2.0  This year’s edition of #FlexxYourCreativity was bigger, better and more awesome. Our winners went home with a total of #600,000 and the grand finale was all shades of fabulous!
  5. #FCMBFlexxtern 2.0What is better than giving paid internship opportunities to 5 Flexxers? Giving internship opportunities to 20 Flexxers! That’s what. We were overjoyed to have created wonderful moments for the Flexxers

You too can win and share in these moments with us in 2018, simply open your Flexx account here in just 4 minutes and get your free pass into the Flexx life.

What were your most memorable moments this year, Flexxer? Share with us!

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