Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED)

Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) (GLO 30891 78169 40212)

Are you an intending corps member? Do you know about the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development scheme popularly known as “SAED”? The Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development give corps members an opportunity to acquire a skill while serving the nation.
It runs for two weeks in camp, for free. After the training, corps members are encouraged to continue with an expert to further help gain valuable skills.

Here are some of the training that takes place in the camp:

Graphics/web design

Corps members are taught how to create graphics and website designs. They are also taught 2D and 3D animations.

Fashion designs

This is usually fun, equipped with healthy competitions that might result in free training for a year, winning of sewing machines etc. Dressmakers flock the camp to teach “corpers” the ropes to succeed as a fashion designer. Interested in fashion? You should be part of this.


Professionals teach the works of succeeding as a make-up artist, running a spa and offering beauty therapy.

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Professionals involved in fish farming, poultry, snails and pig farming, visit the camps to train corps members on how to grow and produce cash crops as well as the business of agriculture.


With the country’s current power situation, solar and inverters are increasingly becoming more popular. Acquiring a skill on how to install this can be very useful and can also be a very viable venture.

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Professionals teach “corpers” how to code, how to become a software developer, and so on.


There are lots of training on beads, bags, hats and shoes making. You can do this if you like.


If you want to be a good cook, you can join the catering class for 2 weeks and continue after the orientation programme.

Have you served your country yet? Which of the skills will you be taking up? Let’s have your comments.

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