#FlexxYourCreativity 2.0 demo day was simply amazing

#FlexxYourCreativity 2.0 has bee A-MAZING from the start and the third and final stage also known as demo day was just the perfect ending to the fun contest.

The demo day started with our top 5 contestants getting to know each other and us of course, then they got to down to flexxing their creativities by making pieces or part of their crafts in front of judges.

The top 5 contestants also participated in the FCMB Dare2Dream masterclass  where they had the opportunity to learn from established media moguls such as veteran actress, Dakore Akande, Steve Babaeko of X3MIdeas, Adebola Williams of Red Media and FCMB’s ED Business Development, FCMB, Mrs Bukola Smith.

Not to worry, we captured all the fun for you.



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