The kind of boss you might want to be

Regardless of the kind of business you run, you’d most likely need at least one person to work with you at some point. This individual needs to be properly managed, as their productivity is critical to the growth of your business. So, how should you relate with them? What kind of boss should you be? Read on…

1. Exude confidence

It’s important that you show a high level of confidence if you want to be respected. This confidence usually comes from being knowledgeable. So, having a comprehensive knowledge of your business is key. Hence, be that boss who knows something about everything and everything about something.

2. Take a stand

Yes, you need to be that boss who can take a stand from a well-informed perspective. Rules and regulations should be adhered to and you should sanction violators. However, this isn’t to say you should be aggressive in your approach – you should listen to their points of view, too.

3. Praise and reprove

Also learn to be that person who showers praises and commends their staff, when they have done well. Contrary to what some might say, it is not a sign of weakness to praise your staff. It is, in fact, a way to encourage them and increase their productivity.

4. Show interest in your staff

When your employees find out you are only interested in how your company is faring, they invariably feel used and may directly or indirectly try to sabotage your business. To avoid this negative perspective, show that you care about your staff growth and welfare. For instance, you can ask how their families are doing, whether they are facing any challenges at work, etc.

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5. Hire competence and not familiarity

As much as you want to be sympathetic towards people, the only reason you should hire anyone is because they are competent, efficient and reliable. If you employ for love, you’d ruin your business for the same reasons.

6. Be optimistic

Be the boss who puts up a smile and always encourages staff to look at the positive side. Even in trying times, talk about the possibility for growth and the need for teamwork. You really can’t be pessimistic, as that has a way of sapping out the joy from the employees. Always, be optimistic!

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