FCMB launches a unique proposition to support women-owned businesses

What would the world look like without women? For centuries, they have remained the pillar of our homes, providing support in so many ways to the society. Unfortunately, in many countries, women have been relegated to domestic roles which do not allow them to attain their full potential to contribute economic value.

In Nigeria, studies show that women make up about 49% of adult population and it is estimated that around 43% of them own a business. It is further estimated that by 2021 these women-owned businesses have the potential to create nearly 9 million jobs and unlock billions in revenue for the Nigerian economy.

Sadly, in spite of unprecedented growth in women’s contribution to the economy, women businesses still face a lot of challenges that threaten to stifle their growth. For instance, only about 2% have access to capital, financial loans, networking and mentorship or the know-how needed to grow businesses. This puts women-run businesses at greater risk of failure within the first 5 years of set up.

To fill this gap, FCMB has launched “SheVentures”, a unique proposition for women in business – including you, our dear female Flexxpreneur. With SheVentures, Nigerian women in business will get access to the resources and support they need to start and grow successful businesses. Benefits include access to loans at zero or competitive interest rates, training and mentorship, as well as opportunity to attend appropriate networking events.

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