Types of dudes on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! While some guys are thinking of what to gift their loved ones, others are planning an escape to avoid gifting. Check out the different categories of guys Valentine’s Day reveals:


  • The guys who will start some drama to avoid buying anything on that day.
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  • The lovey-dovey ones who do the most on Val’s Day
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  • The ones who have several “valentines” to appease on that day
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Top Flexxzone Picks


  • The ones that sit at home and play games/watch football.
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  • The single ones who hang out with their other single buddies.
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  • The ones who will disappoint on that day. Amaka is still a novice where he is.
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  • The ones that will send Val’s gift days after Valentine’s day.
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Which category do you belong?? Share with a friend.

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