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How to enjoy Valentine’s day as a single pringle.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably without a bae to call your own. But not to worry, we’re here for you and this article should guide you through enjoying valentine’s day alone.


Spend time with friends and family

If you’re a sucker for Valentine’s day, it could be a moment to appreciate your special friends, and reflect on their value to you. Call them or plan a visit or even send a surprise package expressing your love for them this season without expecting anything in return. Remember this is a time for selfless actions and genuine love for those who mean a lot to you.


Take advantage of Valentine discounts

Since no expensive dinners or presents are expected, you could jump on those special valentine sales! Most businesses give a discount for their products and you can enjoy these privileges even though you’re alone. Go shopping with your Flexx debit card and change your wardrobe! Go home knowing that you got a good deal while trying on all the new things you got. The feeling is refreshing.


Go offline

If you easily get irritated by the mushy posts on the internet, we suggest you stay off social media on that day which could save you the view of happy couples loving it up making you feel more lonely and left out. It could also be a good challenge if you’re a social media addict. Whoever wishes to reach out to you should give you a call instead 😉


Try something new

It could be something you’ve always wanted to try out and maybe your ex never permitted you to do or hated it.or it could be something you stopped doing because your ex made it so E.g going clubbing with the girls, wearing makeup, etc. once you realise you can do those things and actually do them, you’ll feel a lot better.


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Movie marathon

Spend valentine’s day watching all your favorite movies. Choose the specific movie themes & genres that works for you and suits your mood at that time. We recommend comedy to give you a good healthy laugh. Visiting the cinema alone of valentine’s day might not be such a good idea because it’s a hot spot for couples, so just slip on your socks and comfy clothes and press play all on your home device.


Get a fake spouse

Since love is in the air, you might as well call up your single friend who wouldn’t mind playing ‘pretend couple’ with you as you both surf around town getting all those couple perks e.g dinner for two at a special valentine discount. It will be a fun & exciting experience because you both share a knowing situationship no one else is aware of.

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