Things to note when choosing a state for your NYSC service year

Except you get an exemption, there’s no way to avoid participating in the NYSC if you hope to get a job in almost all private or public corporate organizations in Nigeria.

Are you a prospective corps member who is about to choose a state to serve in? If yes, note the following:


  1. Proximity to home

If you’re not a fan of long distance and stressful travel schedules, you might want to choose a state closest to home. However, if you crave adventure and can’t wait to explore new cities, you could select farther states.



  1. Check the news for states with good security

Before choosing a state, ensure there is a functioning security system. Avoid states with natural disasters or social crises. If you get posted to a state which experiences any of these unfortunate issues, you can always apply to be redeployed.



  1. Consider if the state pays corps members an allowance

Some states pay its serving corps members a monthly stipend, in addition to what the Scheme pays monthly. You can check out these states, too.



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  1. Find out if the state is favorable to your chosen career

You will enjoy your service year and even wish to remain after it ends, if the state provides opportunities for you to pursue the career of your dreams.




  1. Cost of living

With a monthly stipend of N19,800, it never hurts to look out for a state with a low cost of living. States with a high standard of living may not be favorable especially if there is no external source of income.

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