4 ways to deal with a difficult interviewer

Landing an interview is one of the most intricate parts of your job search. A personal contact or your resume may get you to the door, but acing the interview could be what guarantees you a seat at the table. What happens when your interviewer turns out to be a meanie?

Here’s how to handle a tough interviewer.

1. Remain calm
Breathe. Take a moment to get yourself. Relax and answer the questions in a calm and clear tone, rather than adding fuel to fire with a hostile response. Eventually, the interviewer will come around knowing that you are able to manage confrontations properly.


2. Watch what you say
Be very cautious when speaking in an interview. What you tell them and how you speak matter a great deal. Do not make empty promises. If you don’t have enough knowledge of what you’re asked, simply say so. No matter how rude or inconsiderate the interviewer sounds, never let him/her push you over the edge. This gives them more than enough reasons to cross your name off the list.



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3. Stay confident
Confidence is key when attending an interview. You must be at the top of your game always and be ready to handle confrontations in a mature manner. Your interviewer might be having a bad day and you could be confident enough to ask if it’s a bad time.

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4. It could be a test
When faced with a hostile interviewer, bear in mind that it could be a test to analyze how you respond to a hostile, rude or uncooperative people at work. They just could be evaluating your personality based on your reactions.


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