Overcoming exam fever

There are a lot of ways students study when preparing for their exams. Some study while standing, yet others study sitting with their feet dipped in cold water to ward off sleep.

Whichever category you belong to, see a few steps you can adapt to avoid an exam fever.

● Study ahead – If you make time to study ahead of a class, it becomes a part of you. This way, it’s a lot easier for you to ace your quizzes, test, and exams.

Make a study plan – People who are successful in life didn't just stumble on success, they made plans with deliberate efforts that helped them get to where they are. How this applies to your academics? Yes, a personal study schedule with action plans that include short breaks will position you for success.

Have a positive attitude – You should have a positive mental attitude towards your exam. Do not preoccupy your mind with the ideas of failing your exam, as this sets the tone for failure.

● Practice – Just like mathematics requires constant practice to master its various methods, formulas, and techniques, the same applies to every other subject or course. It takes dedication, discipline and constant practice to sharpen your knowledge of any course or subject. Revise your notes and practice with past exam papers.

Source: edutrics.com

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