How to maintain a healthy relationship with colleagues in the workplace

How to maintain a healthy relationship with colleagues in the workplace

When you have a 9-to-5 job, there is no gainsaying the fact that you spend more time with your colleagues at work than anyone else. So, it’s quite important to maintain a good relationship with them if you want your career to enjoy a smooth progression.

Thinking of ways to get along well with those you work with? The tips below will guide you.

1. Communicate
A way to maintain a good relationship with your co-workers is to communicate clearly and professionally. This will help you avoid unhealthy rivalry and reduce the risk of being misunderstood to the barest minimum.

2. Respect
Respect is reciprocal. Regardless of who you’re working with, it’s important that you address them with the utmost respect.

3. Give Credit
Asides respect, you should also give credit to your co-workers anytime they do well. By doing
this, you boost their morale and motivate them to do more.

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4. Desist from office gossip
Engaging inside talks is not only unprofessional, it actually reduces your chances of growing a
solid relationship with your colleagues. Desist from it!

5. Avoid awkward topics
It’s equally important that you study and know what sits well with the people you work with. So,
avoid topics/conversations that could lead to an argument or an outburst of emotions in the

6. Avoid cliques
Cliques are amazing when you are in college or high school, but not in the workplace. Forming
cliques in the office restricts the free flow communication between colleagues.

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7. Gain trust
Trust among your colleagues can easily be gained when you deliver on your responsibilities at
the agreed time. Hence, be effective and efficient.

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